Complete Guide to Visiting the Butterfly Pavillion in Denver

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The Butterfly Pavillion is a great place to visit just outside the city of Denver. It is an excellent place to take young children as there are lots of fun things to look at and play with inside the pavillion. My young kids loved going to this place and are now asking when we can go see the butterflies again! If you are visiting the Denver area, you should add the Butterfly Pavillion to your list of things to see.


Where is the Butterfly Pavillion Located:

The Butterfly Pavillion is located about 15 minutes from downtown Denver in the city of Westminster. The address is 6252 W. 104th Ave Westminster, CO 80020. It is very easy to find and right off the highway.


Another thing is that the Pavillion is located right next to a bunch of restaurants which makes grabbing lunch after visiting super easy. This is great when visiting with young kids who are always hungry.


The Butterfly Pavillion is open almost every day of the year from 9am-5pm. You can visit their website for any holidays or changes to their hours at


How to Book Tickets:

You can book your tickets online or in person to enter the Butterfly Pavillion. They do have a cap on how many people can enter every half hour so if you want to guarentee your spot, I would book your tickets online. We have had no problems getting tickets online the day before we want to visit even when we go on the weekends. If you buy tickets online, you have a half hour window to enter so be sure to show up on time. 


The cost for admission is $14.95 for adults, $9.95 for children 2-12 years old, $12.95 for seniors and children under 2 are free. 




What to do at the Butterfly Pavillion:

There are lots of fun exhibits and things to do at the Butterfly Pavillion. It is not a very huge place so it is easy to walk around with kids. My three year old had no problem walking the entire time we were there. There are lots of interactive exhibits and of course the highlight is the butterfly room. Here are a few of the things you can do at the Butterfly Pavillion:


1. The first thing that you come across when you enter the building is a room filled with all different kinds of bugs and bees. There is a nice little raised walkway for kids to walk up so they can see into all the glass exhibits. My daughter loved being able to see everything and liked walking back and forth on the rasied walkway. 

2. Another thing that you can do is hold a tarantula named Rosie. My daughter was very excited to go see the tarantula but didn’t want to hold her. You can get close and learn all about tarantuals even if you don’t want to hold her. 

3. The next exhibit is called Water’s Edge. They have some small aquatic animals for you to see and you can go and pet some of the animals as well. There is another raised platform for kids to walk up to get a better view of some of the animals. Most of the animals are small but my kids thought the area was neat.

4. You can walk outside the Butterfly Pavillion and you will find the outdoor gardens. This area is beautiful to walk around that is just outside the pavillion. 

5. If you are visiting with kids, there is a great play area for kids to run off some energy. It is right next to the Pollinator place exhibit and my kids really enjoyed playing here for a little while. 

6. The Pollinator Place is a great place to learn about how different animals pollinate. There are some fun things for the kids to look at and it is right next to the play area. 

7. The highlight of the entire place is the Wings of Tropics area. This is where you get to go in and see all the beautiful butterflies. There are pathways to walk around the whole place and there are lots of benches throughout to sit on and just watch the butterflies. We ended up going in twice because the kids loved it so much. We went in right away when we arrived and then we went and walked around the place again right before we left for the day. 


Tips for Visiting the Pavillion:

After visiting the Pavillion with two small children, there are a few things that I would recommend doing when visiting.


First of all, I would recommend bringing a small, compact stroller if you need one for your kids. The pathways inside the Wings of Tropics area are quite narrow and it was a tight squeeze for people inside with big, bulky strollers. I was glad we brought our small travel stroller for visiting.


Food and drink is allowed inside the Pavillion with the exception of the Wings of Tropics area. I would recommend bringing snacks and drinks for your kids if you plan on visiting for awhile. 


I would recommend going early in the day. We visited on a weekend around 10am and it was not very busy at all. It was great to not have huge crowds at the exhibits and to be able to see everything as many times as we wanted to. 


Make sure to have your camera ready! When you are the butterfly area, the butterflies might land on you and you want to be ready to take those pictures!


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