Everything you need to know about the Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach

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The coastal walk in Sydney, Australia is a famous walk along the coastline that starts at Bondi Beach and ends at Coogee Beach. It is one of the most iconic walks in Sydney and I would highly recommend taking the time to complete this walk. The walk is about 6km from beach to beach and takes most people about two to three hours to walk. You could easily spend the entire day doing this walk and stopping at different beaches along the way.  

How to Get There:

The easiest and cheapest way to get to the start of the walk is to take the bus. There is a great bus system throughout Sydney and it is very easy to find a route to Bondi Beach. If you are going to use the bus system, make sure you get an Opal card. This makes taking different buses throughout the city very easy.

The other way you can get there is by driving or rideshare. There is limited parking at Bondi Beach so the bus system or rideshare is recommended.

It is also important to remember that you start and end at different beaches. We had to take different buses to get back to our hotel so it’s important to look up bus routes ahead of time. If you are taking a ride share, it is not as important where you end up.


What to expect during the walk:

Like I mentioned before, the walk is about 6km from Bondi Beach all the way to Coogee Beach. There are lots of beaches in between that you can stop and relax at along the way if you choose. 

The trail along the coast is suitable for most people and fitness levels. There are a few areas that have some steep stairs so it is not suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. 

Another thing to note is that there are drinking fountains at all of the beaches along the way. This was a great place to fill up our waters during the walk.

I would also recommend getting started early in the day. We started about 10:00am and it got pretty warm by the end of our walk. I also think that the trail would be less crowded early in the morning.  


Starting the Walk:

The best place to begin your walk is at Bondi Beach. This beach is famous in Sydney and it serves as a great starting point. The beach is a great place to watch some surfers and you get to pass by the famous Bondi Icebergs swimming club. This club has one of the most photographed pools in Australia. After passing this club, you will walk right on to a paved path to begin your coastal walk.

As you continue along your walk, you will pass by many beautiful beaches and overlooks. I will be sharing some of the beaches we enjoyed stopping at along our walk.  


Favorite Beaches:

The first beach that we stopped at was Bronte Beach. This beach has a nice park right behind it which is great if you are doing the walk with kids. This beach also has some cafes near it you need anything to eat. There is also a cool rock pool called the Bogey Hole at this beach as well.

The next beach we stopped at was Gordon’s Bay. Gordon’s Bay is a pretty narrow beach that is lined with fishing boats. It is a very popular place to snorkel and dive. We didn’t do either of these things but we saw quite a few people going out to snorkel and it seemed to be a popular spot. 

The last beach we stopped at was Coogee Beach which is also the ending beach of the coastal walk. This beach was perfect for swimming and relaxing at. We spent a few hours enjoying the beach after our walk. There is also a large promenade with tons of restaurants and shops. We had a late lunch at this beach before heading back to our hotel.      


The Coastal Walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach is a must do activity when visiting Sydney. I loved getting to see so many different beaches along the way and the views of the coastline are amazing. If you are in decent shape, I would highly recommend doing this walk when visiting Sydney. At minimum, I would allow about 3 hours for this walk. If you have the time, you could make a whole day out of the walk. 

Have you done the Coastal Walk in Sydney? What was your favorite part of the walk? 

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