How to spend a day at the North Pole

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The North Pole is a Christmas themed amusement park located just outside the city of Colorado Springs. It is actually located right near the entrance to Pike Peaks highway which is a very popular attraction to see when visiting Colorado Springs. If you have young kids, the North Pole is a super fun way to spend a few hours during your visit to Colorado Springs.


Things to Know Before You Go:

The most important thing to know when visiting the North Pole is that it is located at a higher altitude than most people are accustomed to. It is important to drink lots of water when at higher altitudes. The park is also very hilly so it is a good workout to walk throughout the park. 


There are lots of rides avaliable for all ages. My kids are currently 3 and 1 and there was plenty for each of them to do. Kids need to be 32 inches tall to ride almost all of the rides at the park. 


Santa is always at the park and greets guests when the park first opens. My kids love seeing Santa and think it’s so cool that he comes to Colorado so often to visit them.  


You can bring your own food and drink into the park. I would highley recommend doing this as there are lots of great picnic areas in the shade to take a break during your day. There is food inside the park but it is nothing special and typical amusement park food. 


Go early! We arrive right when the park opens which is 10:00am and my kids never had to wait in line for any of the rides. Weekends can be more crowded but our most recent Saturday visit was not busy at all. 


Admission to the park:

The cost to enter the park is free. You can go and walk around and visit all the shops for free but if you want to ride any of the rides, you have to purchase a ride wristband at the front entrance. The cost for the ride wristband is $35.00 per person over the age of 3; children ages 2 and under get a free wristband.

If you live in the Springs area there is also the option to purchase a season pass for $65.00 per person. This is a great deal if you plan on going more than once per season. The season runs from the end of May through October. It is important to note that they are closed every Tuesday and Wednesday so plan accordingly. During the months of November and December they are open certain days of the week but you do need reservations. You can look at their yearly calendar on their website:

Season Passes:

If you are local to the Colorado Springs area, you may want to consider getting a season pass. The cost is $65.00 per person for anyone 3 and up. The cost of the pass pays for itself if you visit the park 2 times during the season. My family always gets them each year because it is definetly worth it! One thing to note is that if you are going to purchase a season pass, you cannot do it at the front entrance. There is an office that is not far from the front entrance where you purchase season passes. 

The Rides:

There is a large variety of rides for all ages at this amusement park. It is worth noting that if your child is not taller than 32 inches they will not be able to ride some of the kid rides. Some rides also require an adult if your child is between 32-45 inches tall. If you visit this park, it is a good idea for a least one adult in your group to buy a wristband so they can ride with your child if they don’t meet the height requirements.

Our 3 year old is able to go on almost all of the rides either by herself or with an adult and she is about average height for a 3 year old. There are even a few rides that infants can go on like the merry-go-round and train if you are traveling with really small children.

The Park:

The whole park is themed to look like the North Pole. There are all sorts of shops and places to eat that have a North Pole theme. You can even go touch the “north pole” which is made of ice! And of course you can go and meet Santa since it is the North Pole. There are also shows that occur throughout the day as well. Kids can also go meet Santa when visiting the park.

The park in general is very easy to navigate. They give you a map on entry to show where all the rides are. The park is very hilly so I would recommend having a stroller if you are going with young kids. I would also recommend not using a tandem double stroller at this park. We brought it once and it was very challenging to push when both kids wanted to ride in it. 

Overall, this park is a great place to visit with young kids. There are lots of rides that young kids can go on by themselves and it is small enough that you can a lot of things in a couple of hours. If you are visiting the Colorado Springs area, you should add the North Pole to your list of places to visit. 

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