How to Spend Four Days in Sydney

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Australia is a wonderful country to visit full of diversity and beautiful landscapes. We absolutely loved visiting this amazing country and can’t wait to go back. For most people, it is quite a long plane ride to reach Australia so I would highly recommend staying for a couple weeks to see this country. We visited four different cities in three and half weeks and still felt like we barely scratched the surface. This article will help you plan out what to see and do in Sydney.

Our first stop in Australia was the city of Sydney. We absolutely loved this city and enjoyed spending our first couple of days here. I would recommend spending at least four or five days in this city and more time if you have it. Most people have to take a long flight to get this country so I would highly recommend adding an extra day for jet lag.

Where to Stay:

Sydney is a very large city so it can be overwhelming to chose a place to stay. I usually like to stay somewhere that is close to public transportation and that is within walking distance to several things that we want to see and do. We chose to stay close to the Sydney Harbor which was close to bus stops and ferries. 

The hotel we stayed at it was the Intercontinental Sydney. We could see the famous Sydney Opera House from our room which was a pleasant surprise. This location was the perfect base for our four days in Sydney. We were able to easily walk to a lot of things and it was close to public transportation when we wanted to go elsewhere in the city. 

Helpful Tips Before Visiting:

Sydney is a very large city so basing yourself near an area that you want to explore is super helpful. We were able to walk to a lot of things that we wanted to see.

If you plan on using the public transportation, you will want to look at getting an Opal card. This can be purchased on arrival and it was very easy to find a place where you could buy them. We used our opal card for both the bus system and the ferries. It was very easy to use and we never ran into any problems.

When using public transportation, make sure to allow plenty of time to get places. Some of the bus routes we took ended up taking way longer with traffic especially in the mornings and evenings.   


Day One: Arrival in Sydney

After a long travel, we like to take it easy when we arrive at our destination. There are lots of things that you can do when you first arrive in Sydney especially if your flight lands in the morning. We decided to go out and explore the area around our hotel since we wanted to adjust to local time as soon as we arrived. 

Since we were so close to the Sydney Opera House, this is the first thing we went to see. We walked around the outside for awhile taking in the beautiful views and then went inside to take a look. I would highly recommend seeing this iconic building when in Sydney. It is famous for a reason and it lived up to all my expectations. 

After we toured the Opera House, we walked around a nice park that was right on the harbor. The views were incredible and we enjoyed having a laid back morning and afternoon in Sydney. 


In the afternoon, we went to check out the Sydney Harbor Bridge. You can walk across it which is what we did the first day in Sydney. We had lots of fun walking across the bridge and it was a great way to get some unique views of the city. If you are up for an adventure, you can climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. If you want more information, you can check out their website here. Afterwards, we had an early dinner and headed back to the hotel for the night.

If you are staying close to the Sydney Harbor, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge are two great things to do on your first day in Sydney. They are not far from each other and both are low key activities after a day of travel. 

Day Two: Coastal Walk

One thing that cannot be missed when visiting Sydney is the famous coastal walk. This coastal walk goes from the famous Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. The walk itself is 6km long which takes about 2-3 hours for the average person. We stopped at several of the different beaches along the walk but waited til we got to Coogee Beach to swim.

Since we were not near either of these beaches, we took a bus to get to Bondi Beach to start the walk. The walk is not challenging but there are a few areas with steep stairs. It can also get very hot so be sure to pack lots of water and snacks for the journey.


Public transportation is the easiest way to get to Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach has limited parking so I would recommend taking a bus to the start of the coastal walk. This is also helpful because then when you end at Coogee Beach you can take a bus directly back to your accomodations or anywhere else you want to go that day. You can read my full post all about our experience on the Coastal Walk here.

Day Three: Take A Ferry to Manly Beach

When visiting Sydney, you have to spend a least one day out on the water. The views from the water are amazing and it is a great way to see the harbor. We took the ferry from Sydney Harbor to Manly Beach for the day. 

Manly Beach is a famous beach in Sydney and it is a great place to spend one of your days in Sydney. We loved taking the ferry here and the beach was great. The first thing that you walk through is the Manly Corso which is a pedestrian mall with lots of places to shop and eat. We enjoyed taking a break from the beach and eating here for lunch.

The beach itself is amazing and we really enjoyed our time at this beach. The waves were really fun and there are plenty of places to rent boogie boards if you want to. It is a great beach to visit during one of your days in Sydney. The ferry ride to this beach alone is worth it. If you want more information about Manly Beach and the ferry ride, you can read my full blog post about it here.   

Day Four: Visit the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are located about an hour and half outside the city of Sydney. They are called the Blue Mountains because the eucalyptus tress give off a blue hue on clear days making the mountains appear blue. The best way to see these mountains is to book a day trip out to see them.

We booked a small group tour with AEA Luxury Tours and I would highly recommend the company. We only had 8 people on our tour and we had a great experience. If you want to read a review of the full tour, you can read my blog post about our Blue Mountain tour here.


The tour to the Blue Mountains was full of beautiful places to stop and look at different scenery. We stopped to see different waterfalls and went to several famous lookout points. The most famous is the Three Sisters rock formation. If you have a day to get out of the city, I would highly recommend visiting the Blue Mountains. 

Having only four days in Sydney was not nearly enough but you can still manage to see quite a lot if you only have a few days. My biggest recommendation is to plan ahead so you can make the most of your time in Sydney. I think getting out on the water is my top recommendation for getting the best views of the city. 

Have you ever been to Sydney? What are your favorite thing to do in the city? 

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