How to Spend One Day at Whitehaven Beach

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Whitehaven Beach is a beautiful beach located in the Whitsundays of Australia. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is definitely worth a visit. The only way to access the beach is through a guided tour so it is important to book an excursion ahead of time.

We stayed on Hamilton Island for a few days and did a day excursion with Cruise Whitsundays. They picked us up and dropped us off at the Hamilton Island Marina. We had a great experience with this company and got to spend a good amount of time at the beach. In this post, I will go into detail about our experience visiting Whitehaven Beach, what to expect when visiting, and is it worth visiting when in Australia.

Getting to Whitehaven Beach:

As I mentioned before, you can only visit Whitehaven Beach through a tour. We went through Cruise Whitsundays and it was a great experience. I would recommend booking your tour early so you get the day and time that you desire. Since we stayed on Hamilton Island, we got picked up right at the Marina on the island. This was our ships last stop before heading to Whitehaven Beach. This was really nice as our pick up time was not as early as the other stops. We got picked up at the marina around 8:30am and then had a relaxing boat ride to the beach.

What to bring when visiting the Beach:

When visiting Whitehaven Beach, you can plan on bringing all your usual beach essentials. This would include towels, swimsuits, water, sunscreen, protective clothing and cameras. An extra thing to include would be a good pair of shoes if you want to do the Hill Inlet walk to a beautiful lookout point. Shoes would also be useful if you want to climb the stairs up to the Whitehaven Beach lookout as well.

What is included during your visit:

If you choose to visit with Cruise Whitsundays, the following things are included during your time on the island:


    • You get to spend 6 hours visiting the beach

    • You can go on a guided tour to the Hill Inlet which has the most beautiful views of the entire beach

    • You can walk to Whitehaven Beach Lookout (there are stairs so be prepared)

    • Lunch is included

    • Stinger suits are included if you want them

    • Morning and Afternoon tea are also included as well

We loved this tour and thought that the amount of time on the island was perfect. I would highly recommend doing the guided tour of the Hill Inlet. It was a very easy hike and had a fairly gentle incline. The views from the top are definitely worth it.

I would also recommend using the stinger suits when swimming if you are visiting during stinger (jellyfish) season. We were visiting in January which was right during the height of stinger season so we opted to wear them when swimming. We both preferred not to take the chance of getting stung while visiting this beautiful beach. It was also nice to be completely protected by the sun when swimming with the suits on.

Things to Enjoy on Whitehaven Beach:

One of the best things about visiting this beach is that the sand is made up of 98% silica which means that it never gets hot. It was so nice to walk around barefoot on cool sand. We also loved that it made a squeaking sound when you walked on it. We always say that our kids would just walk around squeaking sand if they went to this beach.

The Hill Inlet hike was definitely a highlight of our time on Whitehaven Beach. It is a pretty short hike and doesn’t require you to be physically fit. I would still recommend bringing some sort of tennis shoes since you do hike through some brush and uneven terrain.

Another thing that we enjoyed was walking the shallow waters on the inlet part of the beach. There is a a great beach area to walk along and the waters in this area are super shallow and clear. We saw lots of reef sharks swimming close to shore which was really cool.

Overall, we really enjoyed our day at Whitehaven Beach. We loved going with Cruise Whitsundays and thought that a lot was included for our day trip to the beach. If you are considering adding this to your itinerary while in Australia, I would highly recommend visiting. If you love beaches this is a must see place! The whole day is very relaxing and a perfect way to unwind after busy days of sightseeing.

Have you ever visited Whitehaven Beach? What is your favorite part of the beach?

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