How to Spend One Day Visiting the Blue Mountains near Sydney

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The Blue Mountains are a mountain range located about an hour and half outside the city of Sydney. They are called the Blue Mountains because the eucalyptus trees give off a blue hue on clear days making the mountains appear blue. 

The easiest way to see these mountains is to book a day tour out of Sydney. We booked our tour with AEA Luxury Tours and had a great experience. We got picked up at our hotel and the tour was very small. We had eight people on our tour which was perfect for a small group. 

In this post, I will go into detail about our experience taking a small group tour and why I recommend this as the best way to see the Blue Mountains.   


Where you go on the Day Tour:

There are a lot of tours to choose from and each tour company has different itineraries. After doing lots of research before choosing our day tour, I found that most of the day trips offered to the Blue Mountains are similar. The most important things that I looked at were budget, reviews from others, and the size of the tour.

Most day tours include a stop to a wildlife preservation park which I think is a must when visiting Australia. Australia is home to so many unique types of wildlife and these wildlife parks are a great way to see some of these animals up close.

After stopping at the wildlife park, most tours continue on to the Blue Mountains. There are several stops that these small group tours take which I will go into detail later in this post. This where the majority of your time on your tour is spent and for good reason. The Blue Mountains are absolutely beautiful and there are so many amazing view points to see.

The last place we stopped was the Mount Tomah Bontanical Gardens. This place was beautiful and a great place to end our day tour to the Blue Mountains.  

The day tour also includes a stop for lunch which may or may not be included depending on your tour. Our lunch was included which was another reason why I choose the tour I did.    


Featherdale Wildlife Park:

The first stop on our day tour was to visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park. This wildlife park is home to over 2000 Australian native animals and they are commited to helping preserve and proctect these animals. 

The park itself is not super large which was great in my opinion. We were able to see all sorts of native Australian animals like koalas, wallabies, wombats, penguins and dingos. The best part was getting to feed and play with the wallabies.    

The other cool thing that you can do at the park is get up close to koalas. We got to pet them and see them up close which was a really cool experience. If you get the chance to go to Featherdale Wildlife Park while visiting Sydney or on a tour, I would highly recommend. It is a great place to experience unique Australian wildlife up close. 

The Blue Mountains:

The Blue Mountains are the highlight of the tour and you spend the rest of your day visiting various areas of these magnificent mountains.The first place we traveled to was the village of Wentworth Falls. We stopped here to see amazing views of the Jamison Valley. While at this lookout, we took about a 30 minute hike to see some waterfalls. The hike was very easy and it was worth it for the amazing views. 

The next place we went to is a lookout point to see the famous Three Sisters rock formation. I appreciated that this lookout point was not crowded. We were able to get lots of great pictures and enjoy the view at a leisurely pace. 

After we spent some more time enjoying the Blue Mountains, we took a break for lunch at Blackheath Golf Club. As I mentioned above, our lunch was included with the tour. After lunch, we went to several more lookout points to view different parts of the Blue Mountains. One of our favorite lookout points was Govetts Leap.


Our last stop of the day was to Mt. Tomah Botanical Gardens. We had plenty of time to walk around and enjoy these beautiful gardens. It was a great way to end our day tour of the Blue Mountains. 

If you are staying in Sydney for a few days, I would highly recommend taking a day trip out to the Blue Mountains. It is a nice escape from the city and the mountains are beautiful to see. It was totally worth it in my opinion to see these mountains while we were visiting Sydney.


Have you been to the Blue Moutains? Do you think it is worth the day trip when visiting Sydney?

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