Is Goofy’s Kitchen Worth it?

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Goofy’s Kitchen is one of four character meals that you can enjoy when visiting Disneyland in California. It is located at the Disneyland Hotel which makes it the perfect choice to enjoy on your arrival day or your departure day since it is not located in either park. Goofy’s Kitchen can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch and dinner. 

Since the place is called Goofy’s Kitchen, Goofy is the star character of this meal. You can also expect to see some of Goofy’s close friends like Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale. This character breakfast also does some fun seasonal meals throughout the year. We visited during the fall and they had a Halloween theme during our visit. All of the characters were dressed up in Halloween costumes and there was some fun themed food as well. 

If you are visiting Disneyland with kids who love characters, Goofy’s Kitchen should be a must visit place. We loved our character meal and it is a great way to meet lots of characters at once. I will share some of my advice and tips for visiting Goofy’s Kitchen below and why I think it is worth visiting with kids.  


Things to Know Before Going:

Goofy’s Kitchen is an excellent choice for a character meal when visiting Disneyland. You do not need to have park access to visit this restaurant which makes it ideal to enjoy on one of your non-park days. There are a few things to know about Goofy’s Kitchen’s before you visit:


1. Like all character meals, Goofy’s Kitchen tends to book up well in advanced. You can start reserving your dinning options around 60 days in advance. I would highly recommend that you book your character meal as soon as you can to get the time slot that you want. 


2. Goofy’s Kitchen is located within the Disneyland Hotel complex. If you are driving, you can park and then head through the main lobby to get to Goofy’s Kitchen. You get up to three hours of free parking; just make sure to bring your parking ticket and get it validated at the restaurant. 

If you are coming from Downtown Disney, you can enter the Disneyland Hotel grounds through the adorable Mickey hat entrance and keep going straight until you run into Goofy’s Kitchen. 


3. Goofy is obviously the main character at this breakfast. You can also expect to see his pals Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale as well during your meal. 


4. Goofy’s Kitchen is the only character meal that you can book for dinner time. We ended up going for breakfast time as it worked better with our schedule but I have heard good things about the dinner as well. 


5. Make sure to check in about 10 minutes before your reservation. There can sometimes be a line to check in and you don’t want to be late. You can also use the extra time to get in line to take your picture with Chef Goofy!


6. Another thing to remember is that children under 3 are free at character meals. This is a great thing to take advantage of since children over 3 are charged a kids price. This meal is also buffet style so your kids under 3 get to eat as much as they want. 


What to Expect During Your Visit:

When you first arrive at Goofy’s Kitchen, you will have to check in at the reception desk. They recommend checking in about 10 minutes before your reservation. This allows some extra time in case there is a wait and then you have time to take pictures if you would like. 

Photo With Goofy

This was a super fun thing to do before you even start your meal. Chef Goofy is waiting to take pictures with everyone ahead of time right in the lobby. There is a Photopass photographer who will take your picture with Goofy and you can also request a picture with your phone if you want to as well. The Photopass photo is included with the price of your meal so no need to pay extra for this photo opportunity. 

We never felt rushed while taking our picture with Goofy and he even spent some time interacting with our two kids. We went during a special Halloween themed meal so all of the characters were dressed up in costumes. 

This is the only time that you will actually see Goofy during your meal so be sure not to miss this opportunity taking pictures with Goofy. 


Goofy's Kitchen Food

Goofy’s Kitchen is a buffet style meal that has a great variety of food. We really liked the wide selection of breakfast foods and everything was very tasty. There are lots of traditional breakfast foods like sausage, bacon, eggs and an omelette station. There is also a large area with just fruit and another with breakfast cereals for those picky eaters. 

There is of course the iconic Mickey waffles and pancakes at every meal as well. Goofy’s Kitchen also has some fun breakfast pizzas to try. We had to try the famous pb&j pizza and we also tried a nutella pizza as well. Both were actually very good and fun thing to try. 

There are also a few non-breakfast items that you can choose from. Some of these items include vegetables, mac and cheese and chicken. Everyone can definitely find something that they like at this buffet.  

The Characters

Since Goofy is the star of this meal, you will always get to see Goofy when eating at Goofy’s Kitchen. We got to take our picture with Goofy before we were seated and then we did not see him thoughout the rest of our meal. Since Goofy does not make an appearance during the meal, make sure to get your picture with him at the beginning. 

The other characters that make the rounds to your table are Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale. I have heard that the characters can change but these four characters seem to be pretty constant. These characters make their rounds to every table and spend a good amount of time interacting with each table. 

Pro Tip: If you want the best lighting at Goofy’s Kitchen, request to sit in the circular part of the restaurant. This area is great for taking pictures and videos. 


The Experience

Goofy’s Kitchen is the perfect place to meet lots of characters. The characters do a musical parade throughout the restaurant about every 30 minutes so you get to see them a lot during your meal. After the parade, the characters go and interact with each individual table. We stayed for about 2 hours during our breakfast and we saw the characters about 3 times. 

We never felt rushed during our breakfast experience. The characters spent lots of time interacting and having fun with our two young kids. We got to take several pictures with the characters and our kids had so much fun. 

I was also impressed that the characters spent a decent amount of time with our table even after they had already seen our table. Like I mentioned earlier, the characters came around to our table about 3 times during our 2 hour breakfast. 

Holiday's at Goofy's Kitchen

There are a few holiday themed meals that happen at Goofy’s Kitchen. If you attend during the holidays, you can expect to pay a little bit more for your meal. 

All of the food is usually the same but they add a holiday twist with some of the menu items. When we attended during Halloween, all of the characters were dressed in Halloween costumes which was super fun. 


So is Goofy's Kitchen Worth it?

YES!! I think that Goofy’s Kitchen is one of the best character meals at Disneyland. I love that this character meal is not inside one of the parks so you can do it on any day you choose. I think this is a great meal to do when you first arrive or on the day you leave. Also, Goofy’s Kitchen is the only character meal where you can have dinner. 

I really loved the atomosphere at this restaurant. I loved that nothing seemed rushed and it is a great way to meet and interact with a bunch of characters. If your kids love characters, Goofy’s Kitchen should be at the top of your list for a character meal. 


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