The Best Indoor Play Areas in Colorado Springs for Toddlers

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Colorado Springs is a great destination to visit year round with plenty or indoor and outdoor activities for families. There are tons of wonderful places to hike and lots of attractions nearby. Even though there are lots of things to do outside, sometime it is nice to have a place to go when the weather is not great or it is too cold for toddlers to be out. 


The Play Street Museum and the Play Kingdom are both great options if you are looking for somewhere to take your young children when the weather is not the greatest. I love to go to local play areas or museum when traveling with our kids because it gives them a nice break from all the sightseeing we tend to do when traveling. 


Play Street Museum

The Play Street Museum is located in northern Colorado Springs area just off of Woodmen Road. It can be compared to a mini children’s museum that is focused on independent play. Play Street Museum has locations all over the United States and the one in Colorado Springs is themed The Great Outdoors. I personally loved the themeing of this one and thought it was perfect for the state of Colorado. 

How to Reserve Your Play Time:

If you choose to go to a Play Street Museum, it is recommended that you book your play time online. Each play session is an hour and a half long and they provide the kids with a snack when they leave. You can easily reserve your time slot online at their website. Each play session is limited to 28 children so the area does not get overcrowded. When we visited during the week, there were maybe 12 kids at our play session so it was not very busy.  

What to expect when visiting:

When you visit Play Street for the first time, parents are required to sign a wavier upon entry. This is pretty standard for most play places that I have gone to. After the wavier is signed, the kids are free to go in and explore the place. I really enjoyed this play area because it is on the smaller side so it was easy to keep track of my two toddlers who want to play with different things. 

My one year old was instantly drawn to the giant light bright with large pegs. He played with that for the first part of our play session and loved it. My three year old went and explored all of the diffenent buildings, the tree house and the the boat area before picking a place to play. Both my kids had a great time and they loved exploring the different areas. 

This play area also had an arts and crafts area that has different activities set up each week. Sometimes there will be an experiment or some sort of sensory activity that the kids can choose to play with as well. 


Play Kingdom

The Play Kingdom play area is unique as it is located inside a locally owned toy store called Toy Station. This play area is also located in northern Colorado Springs and is located right off of Powers Boulevard. This place is very resonably priced and the toy store that it is located in has an amazing selection of toys as well. This play area has a little bit of everything for younger children to enjoy. 

How to Reserve Your Play Time:

If you want to go to this play area, you have the option of reserving your play session online or in person. To reserve online, you can go to their website and sign up for the date and time you want. This is what I would personally recommend so you don’t show up and all the spots are full. Walk ins are welcome if they are not already at capacity. Each play session is one hour long and if the next play session is not full, you can extend your play time for another hour at a discounted rate. 

What to expect when visiting:

The Play Kingdom is a small play area that is perfect for visiting with toddlers. There are many different themed areas for young kids to play at. Some of my kids favorite areas were the hospital, the kitchen, the campground, the train area and the school. They also have a small art area if kids want to color or draw. 

I appreciated the smaller size of this play area as my kids tend to play with different things at this age. My one year old was drawn to the train table and my three year old wanted to play in the school and the hospital the most. The play session do have a limited number of spots but it does not say how many spots are open when booking. 

The one thing I would say about this play area is that it is geared toward toddlers versus babies. There is a small baby play section but there are a lot of small pieces in many of the different areas so I wouldn’t recommend this play area if your child tends to put a lot of things in their mouth. 


Overall, both of these play areas are excellent choices if you are looking for an affordable, indoor activity to do with toddlers while in the Colorado Springs area. I like that both places limit the number of kids who can be in a play session so it doesn’t get too crowded. My kids loved going to both places and we have returned to both when we needed to get out of the house for the day. 


Have you been to either of these play areas? What are your favorite indoor activities with toddlers in Colorado Springs?