The Best Places to Eat in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is an excellent place to visit and it has an amazing selection of food as well. There is a lot of variety in the food so everyone can easily finds things that they enjoy. 

There is food for every budget in Puerto Rico. We had no problem finding restaurants that everyone in our family could enjoy. This post will go over our recommendations and some of our favorite places to eat throughout Puerto Rico. 


Old San Juan:

Old San Juan is a must visit area when in Puerto Rico. There are lots of things to do in this part of the city and the food here is incredible. There are so many restaurants that it can be hard to choose where to eat. Here are some of our favorite places to eat in Old San Juan:

1. Senor Paleta

This is the perfect place to stop for a quick snack especially when it is hot outside. It serves paletas which are a frozen treat made with fresh fruit. There are tons of flavors to choose from that range from just fruit to fruit and chocolate combined.

The best place to eat these paletas is at a small park nearby. There are beautiful views of the San Juan Harbor and some shade for those really sunny days. Just be warned that the paletas do melt fast!


2. Anita's Gelato

This is the perfect place for dessert. As the name states, this place serves amazing gelato. There are tons of flavors to choose from and everything we tried was delicious. There is usually a line to get into this place so I would suggest going earlier in the morning or later afternoon. 

3. Cuatro Sombras

This place is must visit if you love coffee. We actually went to this place twice during our time in Puerto Rico! The coffee is amazing and you can purchase beans to take home as well. They also have delicious sandwiches if you get hungry while enjoying your coffee. 


4. El Patio de Sam

This restaurant serves a wide variety of foods so everyone can be sure to find something that they like. It is located in the central area of Old San Juan which makes it a great location for stopping at when walking the city. 

This place has indoor and outdoor seating to choose from and is known for their sandwiches and burgers. 


5. Pirilo Pizza Rustica

This was one of our favorite lunches that we had while in Old San Juan. This place is perfect if traveling with kids as pizza is always a hit with them. The pizza is amazing and the location was great as well. 

This pizza place is located upstairs so you have nice views of the busy streets below. This place does get busy around meal times so I would suggest eating early for both lunch and dinner. We arrived before it opened and there was already a short line to get in.  


Rio Grande and Luquillo Area:

The Rio Grande and Luquillo area is located about 45 minutes east of San Juan. This area is very close to El Yunque Rainforest which makes it a perfect place to stop for food or drinks after visiting the rainforest. This is the area of Puerto Rico that we stayed in so this is a list of all of our favorites from our time here. 

1. Carabali Bar and Grill

This place is the perfect restaurant if you want delicious local cuisine. It is located very close to El Yunque so it is a great place to go after visiting the rainforest. We tried the famous Mofongo here and it did not disappoint. Other people in our group also had some local fish which they said was delicious as well. 

The restaurant is located just outside the rainforest and has an amazing outdoor seating area. I would highly recommend sitting outside to take in all the beautiful landscape. 


2. El Verde BBQ

This is the place to go for local, authentic Puertorican food. They serve meat, rice, beans and a few other side dishes. We tried chicken, ribs, rice and beans and everything was delicious.

There is a patio with outdoor seating right next to the building where you order food. The patio is slightly enclosed with picnic style tables.


3. Terruno

This restaurant is located in the Luquillo Kiosks. It is #20 and easy to spot when walking through all the kiosks. This place has a good variety of food and the fish was amazing. I would highly recommend getting some of the fresh fish when visiting this place.

The kiosks can get very busy but there is plenty of parking behind the kiosks if you cannnot find any in the front. We never had a problem parking and we went during very busy times. 


4. La Parrilla

This place is a delicious seafood restaurant located in the Luquillo Kiosks as well. It is located on the far end of the kiosks and had its own parking lot for guests. We tried their seafood mofongo and whole fish filets. Both were incredible and one of our favorite meals of the trip. 

5. Latin Burger Grill

If you are in the mood for burgers, this place is the perfect stop. It is located just outside of Rio Grande and has excellent burgers. The atmosphere is great and it is a great place to bring kids. The whole place is outdoor seating which makes it really nice and comfortable. 

The staff was very friendly and the food was delicious. It was a great place to stop for some drinks and burgers. 


Fajardo Area:

This area of Puerto Rico is on the far eastern side of the island. This is where one of the three bioluminescent bays is located so we came here for dinner before our night tour. This area is also home to some great beaches including Seven Seas Beach which makes it worth a stop when visiting Puerto Rico. 

1. Puerto Fino

This restaurant is the perfect place to stop for dinner before going on a bioluminescent bay tour. It is located right next to the bay where the tours depart from and the food was amazing. 

The seating area is all outside and there are a lot of mosquitos in the area so do not forget some bug spray when visiting. I would highly recommend the fish tacos or filets of fish. Both dishes were delcious and very filling. 


Puerto Rico has amazing food and there are so many unique dishes to try when visiting. My top recommendations would be the mofongo and tostanos which are unique to Puerto Rico. The seafood was amazing as well and the desserts that we tried were good too. We love going to new places and trying the food. Hopefully this post will help you experience some good Puertorican food when visiting. 


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