The Best Food Tour In Old San Juan

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Old San Juan is a beautiful part of the city of San Juan in Puerto Rico. It is worth exploring if you are visiting Puerto Rico and a food tour is the perfect way to see the city. Food tours are a great way to get to know a city and discover the different types of food in a destination. 

We booked our tour with Flavors Food Tours and had an excellent experience. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and we learned about the history of Puerto Rico during our tour. We also went to several delicious places for different kinds of food as well. 

If you are thinking of booking a food tour while in Puerto Rico, I would highly recommend the Flavors of San Juan food tour. In this post, I will go into all the details of the tour and what to expect during your tour.  


Things to Know Before You Go:

1. The Flavors of San Juan food tour is offered several times a day every day of the week. It may not be open on certain holidays so we sure to check their website if visiting Puerto Rico during a holiday. The tour is approximately 3 hours long and stops at about 4-5 different food places during this time. The walk through the city is about 1-2 miles long over the course of the 3 hours. 

2. The meeting spot for the food tour is very easy to find. They will send you clear instructions on where to meet your guide in an email a few days before your tour. I would recommend parking in a parking garage as street parking can be hard to find. The two garages that are closest to the tour are Paseo Portuario and Dona Fela. They are located right next to each other and easy to find. 

3. The streets of Old San Juan are mostly cobblestone and the sidewalks can be uneven in places. I would recommend wearing a good pair of walking shoes or sandals for the tour. 

4. Almost all of the locations provide water to enjoy with your food. There is no need to bring beverages with you. 

5. The tour will run rain or shine so be sure to bring an umbrella if the weather is questionable. It can also be very hot walking around Old San Juan so dress accordingly. 

6. As with most food tours, there is a lot of food provided on the tour so no need to eat ahead of time. We went in the afternoon and it was enough food to fill us up for the night. 


The Food on the Tour:

As mentioned earlier, this food tour stops at about 4-5 different places. Each place has a unique type of food to try and the tour guides do a great job of giving some history of the city along the way.

The first stop on the tour is to a coffee shop where you get to sample some coffee and a sandwich. Our tour went to Cuatro Sombras which I would highly recommend visiting just for their coffee. Everything was delicious and it was really interesting to learn about the history of coffee on the island.


The second stop on the tour was for a small snack. Our tour stopped at Senor Paletas to taste the famous paleta. A paleta is a frozen treat that is made with fresh, natural fruit and is very popular in Puerto Rico. This was a great stop as we ate our paletas in a park nearby and learned a lot of history about Puerto Rico. It was a great break from the heat as well. 

The third stop of the food tour is to a restaurant called El Patio. This stop was for a small appetizer which consisted of pork and tostones. The history of the restaurant was really interesting and the food was great.   

The fourth stop on our tour was for the main course. We went to a great restaurant where we got to make our own Mofongo. There was also a mojito drink which was part of this stop. This was by far the most unique part of the tour and making our own Mofongo was the highlight. 

The last stop of our food tour was for dessert. We stopped at a place called Chocolato which was of course delicious. This place was famous for an affogato which is gelato with coffee poured over the top of it. Since I am not a coffee fan, I did not have my gelato with coffee on top but my husband said it was delicious. 

This was the end of the food tour and we were very full afterward. We ended the tour close to our starting point so it was not hard to find our way back. We ended up exploring more of Old San Juan before leaving for the day. 


If you are visiting Puerto Rico, I would highly recommend taking a food tour through Old San Juan. It is a great way to see the city and experience some of the local cuisine. 

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